Our Promise

We will  take care of  your wedding ! 

We will help you plan your dream wedding and suit your budget. We can help you decide in the details of your weddings.  We know the best places for wedding reception, best wedding photographers, wedding cake makers., wedding couture , makers of wedding invitations and everything else you need for your wedding.

We know and understand how much you want this day to be perfect, that’s why we are here for you. We don’t just do it for the business but because we genuinely believe that each of us deserves to enjoy special moments  like this. Often, this dream wedding do not come true because no one is there to assist and believe that .  We will help you find ways to make ends meet and make this dream a reality.

We will make sure  that we take your worries out of your veil or your groom’s suit.

We will see to it that the wedding entourage are guided and oriented well with the ceremony and the reception. We will make sure that we your photographers are accommodated well that your wedding images will be lovely.  There is a lot to take care of for your big day. We will make sure that every detail of your wedding is given utmost attention and anticipate nothing but much fun and much love .