Our Services


To ensure that  a well organized wedding event, we will schedule  meetings prior to the wedding day.  We will be needing copies of agreement between the couple and the wedding suppliers. We will be making sure that schedules are coordinated well with them to avoid delays.

On the day of the  wedding , we will be at the hotel or to where the couple chose to be in preparation for the wedding . The coordinators will be divided in a way that there will be somebody who will be taking charge of the Couple and the entourage, the church ceremony, the reception area, the cocktails and the program. We will also be up in our feet, should there be other important matters that arise in the course of the celebration.

We will work closely with the wedding suppliers  to be  make sure that every detail of the wedding is handled well.  The bride and groom will be provided with one wedding  assistant  each. We will see to it that the wedding entourage are guided and oriented well  during  the ceremony and the reception. We will make sure that we your photographers are accommodated well that your wedding images will be lovely as ever.  

We have very good time-management skills, definitely we work well with schedules. We are also flexible persons that alter matters in accordance to the couple’s decision.

Rate: Php 9,000.00 

Mode of payment: 40% downpayment and balance will be paid after the wedding program.


Apart from the task stated above on the day of the wedding , our full coordination includes the following for the couple:

Assistance in planning and managing the budget
Assistance in identifying the needed supplies for the event and the suppliers that can best provide it  within the couple’s budget 
Assistance in transacting with the suppliers for possible perks and privileges
Constant follow-up of the suppliers and ensure they deliver right on schedule
Constant review and managing of the couple’s schedules prior to the wedding day
Assistance in any wedding activities the couple might wish to do such as pre-nuptial photoshoot, food tasting and others.

Rate: Php 15,000.00 

Mode of payment: 40% downpayment and balance will be paid after the wedding program.