About the Coordinators

     We are nurses by profession which means we naturally care for the feelings of people we deal with. It matters to us when our clients are happy and enjoying moments. Currently as Clinical Instructors, our competence go beyond hospital premises. Our management and supervision skills are enhanced as we deal with constant activities involving the College we belong. Our credibility is known to our workmates and our students.

It has been our happiness seeing  marrying couples enjoy the real essence of wedding ceremonies both for them and for the people whom they share the day with. We believe that only the people who can understand the happiness felt from  a well orchestrated and managed wedding ceremonies are those who wish to be experiencing it as well. We are those people and some of us are already living proof of the joys of a perfect wedding.

Wedding Coordination may seem simple to many. This is a common misconception taken for granted over the years.   As a team of friends bounded by time, we believe that ;

  • It  entails wide imagination rooted on tradition but open to new thinking;
  • It requires unconditional patience dealing with people with different personalities and yet be able to adhere still to what the couple desires.
  • It needs flexibility in both working habits and decision making skills.
  •  It uses positive attitude and happy persona which believes that there’s always a way for everything to please the couple and that;
  • It  needs intelligence and naturally caring heart to be able to use those qualities for the purpose of letting the couple have the best wedding experience which they will carry in their lifetime.
Our names are Joni Marie Patnugot, Izrafahd Bansuan, Khristine Pedreso-Esquierdo, Ma. Lourdes Serrano, Rose Eden Tuloy, Brokeshire Emia, Jo-Irene Isidro Dela Cruz, Madeline Gerzon, Fe Frauline Magdaluyo, Haidee Alferes, Janeth Toledo and Wykenie Fernandez. 

A well-organized wedding filled with love  is the happiest way to begin "forever" with the person you love. We will make sure that you will get that.